Being a teenager can be lonely.

This interactive, online training will equip you to step on a school campus with a service that is proven to make a difference. After completing this training, you will have the skills, curriculum, and framework to serve on a local school campus. Teenagers need trusted adults, so what are you waiting for?

What's Included in the Training?

  • Curriculum

    Once you start your Teen Life Support Group, you'll have access to Teen Life's Curriculum which includes a group check-in, self-evaluation, group activities, discussion questions, and a wrap-up for every lesson!

  • Group Materials

    For the "All-Inclusive Price", before your first group, we will send you a First Group Kit with all the materials and supplies you will need to lead your first group. You will also get a t-shirt to represent Teen Life!

  • Support

    When you partner with Teen Life, you are never alone! We are here to support you as you empower students. Whether it is answering questions or just chatting, we are ready to help!


  • When will I get access to the curriculum?

    In order to get access to the Teen Life Curriculum, you will have to do the following: fully complete the Teen Life training; commit to lead groups; pass a U.S. background check; complete required documentation sent by Teen Life like the facilitator application and job description.

  • Is there an age requirement?

    While anyone can go through the training, we do have an age requirement to get access to the curriculum and lead a Teen Life Support Group. Teen Life's policy is that you must be at least 18 years old to lead a Middle School group and 21 years old to lead a High School group.

  • Where can I use the Teen Life Curriculum?

    Support Group Curriculum is intended to be used on school campuses. If you would like to use the curriculum in a different setting, please contact [email protected] before purchasing.


All-Inclusive price includes the training, all supplies needed for your group, a Teen Life shirt, and support - a $100 value!!